"Our aspirational goal is to ensure no child in Australia forgoes the opportunity to play sport due to the lack of a footy shirt or a pair of boots"


Kit Bag For Kids Limited is a registered charity and public benevolent institution organised with the objective of promoting and conducting relief for disadvantaged children in Australia. 

Our primary function is to source high quality sports kit and equipment and deliver country-wide for the benefit of children in need. Our actions aid children who would otherwise go without the proper kit or equipment to fully engage in sports competitions and physical activities.

Our Purpose Statement: To improve the health of all Australian children by enabling their full participation in sport, irrespective of socio-economic background, through the provision of sporting kit and equipment. 

Our aim is to support the targeted health and well-being programmes delivered to children in need by our strategic partners, community groups and schools in remote and economically depressed areas of the country.

It has been proven that providing high quality kit and equipment can:

o   improve attendance levels of children participating in health related activities.

o   increase child engagement and involvement at these events.

o   provide children with a sense of value and self-worth.

o   enhance a child’s experience allowing them to reach their full potential.

o   deliver a feeling of belonging to a team, group, programme or community.

o   and as a take-home gift, offer a lasting memory of a positive healthy engagement.


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